I have nothing to lose, even if all this ends- says Kangana

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut said if her vocation closes now, she has nothing to lose as she has a gigantic example of overcoming adversity for whatever remains of her life.

Kangana, who influenced her film to make a big appearance in 2006 with ‘Gangster’, said amid her adventure in the film business, she has possessed the capacity to find herself and overcome her feelings of dread.

Kangana in an interview stated, “I have followed up on my feelings of dread when I was battling and attempting to find myself, my identity. In any case, now I feel amazingly happy with my revelation about myself, my characteristic nature, about my identity as a lady and what my inclinations and capacities are. I exited home with none of the information when I was 15 yet at 30 years old I know a ton about me.

“Furthermore, there is a feeling of achievement, I am a three-time National Award Victor, I have smashed film industry records. Regardless of the possibility that my trip closes here right now right, I have nothing to lose. Despite everything I have a colossal example of overcoming adversity in each which routes for whatever is left of my life.”

Kangana, 31, neglects to comprehend why she ought to be frightful about anything in life as she is nothing less than a fearful woman.

Kangana surely sets an example for women out there, isn’t it?

Article By Palak Dua (Intense Views Team)

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