It’s a goodbye from Emraan to “Jannat” “Murder” and “Raaz” franchises

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi has been known for his series of sequels with Bhatt Productions and undoubtedly he has achieved a lot of success in this journey so far.

Somehow as per the recent talks, Emraan has decided to bid a goodbye to these franchises. Emraan talked about his transition phase and that how over time, his choices and demands from his acting career have actually changed. He feels that what satiated his expectation earlier has changed. Not only he expects himself doing very different roles, but also he feels that audience and their choices have changed too.

In an interview, Emraan said, “I will not go back to doing those films. They played an important part in my career and life. That kind of characters and films have contributed immensely, but I am not the same person or the actor I was back then. “My tastes have changed. The audience’s tastes have changed and it’s changing very rapidly. So it’s very important to give them something new and reinvent constantly. So that is my aim with the upcoming films.”

Currently, Emraan is elated with the success of his latest ‘Baadshaho’, which has been doing exceptionally well on box office.

The actor is now gearing up to start his first production, ‘Captain Nawab’, directed by Tony D’Souza, which would release in October 2017. Emraan says that the film is inspired by real events and the makers will not adhere to adding unnecessary “masala” elements to the story to make it more commercial. “It is inspired by a real event but eventually it is a fictional piece of work.

Will these goodbyes to franchises lead to success or regrets? What’s your take?

Article By Palak Dua (Intense Views Team)

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