Alia and Sidharth Malhotra would be fabulous tog

Alia and Sidharth Malhotra

Shraddha Kapoor expresses her happiness about the recent update regarding the confirmation of “Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra” being finalized as THE COUPLE for Aashqui 3.

Shraddha Kapoor says that Aashqui 2 was actually a very special as well the turning milestone for her career. She says that Alia and Sidharth would look fabulous together and that they are certainly the finest choice for the third part of the sensational Aashqui tales.

When asked about, why she isn’t a part of Aashqui 3, she gave a bold and sensible answer which stated that- I believe our story was depicted precisely and had an ending where Rahul left and it was pretty much the end Rahul and Aarohi’s love story. His passing away was actually the culmination of Aarohi’s story.

She says- Aditya and I being a part of the cast again surely don’t make sense. I believe Alia and Sidharth would do justice to the movie and just like Aashqui as well as Aashqui 2 won heaps of hearts, Aashqui 3 would do the same.

We wish to see lots of love on screen soon, though I really wonder if this time it would be a happy ending or a tragic one? What’s your take?

Article By Palak Dua (Intense Views Team)

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